How to Stay Focused with this Quick Productivity Tip


As a mom who works from home, distractions are everywhere! From the dirty dishes in the sink to a crying baby 👶🏻 to snacks 🍪 calling my name, it's super easy to get distracted. 😜

Can you relate?! ✨ Focus comes from eliminating distractions.

Here are 4 tips to Eliminate Distractions so you can focus and get things done. 👊

1️⃣ Clear your mind. 📝 Braindump anything that's on your mind onto a piece of paper. Once your mind is clear, it'll be easier to focus on the task at hand.

2️⃣ Designate a workspace. ☕️ Choose an ideal environment for you to work without interruptions.

3️⃣ Do one thing at a time. Slow down and stop trying to multitask. 👍

4️⃣ Schedule a block of time to get a specific task done. Setting aside a specific time to perform a task helps you stay focused and prevents procrastination. 🙌

What are the distractions keeping you from getting things done?